Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mozilla Foundation Finds its Mojo

Holy Toledo! The Mozilla guys are on fire! First, they released a good upgrade to the Firefox browser (despite being unable to recognize it as an upgrade from within the browser itself). Then, in the course of two days, Mozilla becomes the recipient of two major product codebases: Qualcomm's beloved Eudora mail agent and Adobe's ECMAscript execution engine. This latter project, called Tamarin, consists of the virtual machine that runs Flash Player 9.

Cool stuff! Mozilla used to be the boneyard for failed Netscape projects, but now it is suddenly at the heart of the open-source world--a pinnacle until recently occupied by the Apache Software Foundation.

As for my beloved Eudora, I need to see what happens with the project. I have been a paying customer for years. If Mozilla keeps it going, I'll stick with it. If not, I'll probably switch to Thunderbird.

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