Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mylar, Tasktop, and the Intriguing Logo

Yesterday, I was down at EclipseCon, a yearly gathering of the Eclipse faithful. I had lunch with Mik Kersten, the driving force behind the suddenly very popular Mylar plug-in to Eclipse that helps you organize tasks and the data that goes with them. He's working on a similar idea for desktops at his new company, Tasktop. From what I saw this will be very useful in managing the mass of data we all deal with daily. Betas are expected in late Q2.

Before you go over to the website, try to guess the meaning of Tasktop's logo: <=>

When Mik first asked me, I thought it could be dual-headed double arrow, an emoticon for a very happy, surprised person, or a vague reference to XML. But those are all wrong. Correct is: less is more. Cute!

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