Tuesday, March 27, 2007

InfoWorld Moves to Online-Only

InfoWorld magazine announced today that it would be abandoning the print publication and going to an entirely online format. This move continues a trend that has been in place for many years in technical publications. I understand the economics of the move and think that on that basis, it's the right move. However, I confess some sadness at this transition. I like print media. I am currently overseas. And it was a great pleasure to pack magazines with my carry-on luggage and read through pages of material on the plane. SD Times and Doctor Dobb's are the only developer mags I read regularly that still come in printed format. And I generally read their printed version before I read the online material.

For the same reasons, I bemoan the lack of printed documentation today. Reading printed docs for tools I use rgularly is a rewarding activity. Inevitably, I find features I didn't know about. This is more difficult to do in the search-and-locate model that digital documents deliver. Seapine and Perforce are among the last of the development tools vendors to provide printed docs. And I do love them for it.

Anyway, starting on April 3, you'll have to read my InfoWorld reviews strictly on line (at www.infoworld.com). See you there!

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