Friday, April 25, 2008

Knuth Interview Posted

My interview with Donald Knuth is now posted. It's a long piece, that has some unusually interesting points, including:

- why Knuth doesn't believe in designing code for reuse
- he's most unconvinced of multithreading and multicore on the desktop
- discussion of the tools he uses to program and write (including Ubuntu)
- etc.

A very fun read (and a fun interview to do).


Anonymous said...

Interesting interview -- thanks!

But it appears to be decidedly non-interactive. Can you confirm whether it was conducted by submitting a single list of questions?

Thanks again!


Andrew Binstock said...


You have a good idea for subleties. The interview was done by e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, good work. BTW, is it true that Donald reads email only once per three month?

Anonymous said...

the guy is such a blessing.


Clay B said...

Andrew, thanks for sharing. I've always admired Knuth. I was glad when I read he'd picked up the reins of TAOCP again. I'm not sure how much more we'll get from him (age 70), but I'm sure each nugget will be worth our wait.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting read. Thank you!

Jerry said...

Interesting conversation between Andrew Binstock and kunth.