Friday, May 18, 2007

Groovy Gaining Traction

Java developers suddenly have a wealth of choices when it comes to dynamic languages that run on the JVM. There's JavaFX, which Sun announced at JavaOne this year, and JRuby, which Sun expects to complete sometime this year, and then, of course, there's my favorite: Groovy. Groovy makes writing Java programs far easier. It essentially takes Java and removes the syntactical cruft, leaving a neat language that makes you terrifically productive.

Because Groovy took a long time getting out of the gate, it's taken some licks in the press. However, it's clear that Java developers are catching on to its benefits. The JavaOne bookstore published its daily top-10 sales during the show. The picture on this post, shows the Day 2 list with two Groovy titles in the top 10 (at places 5 and 8). Overall, the Groovy bible, Groovy in Action, came in at number 5 for the show. Interest is definitely growing.

If you haven't tried Groovy yourself, it's definitely worth a look. Here are a couple of good overviews:

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Dierk said...

As a minor comment: Groovy in Action was #2 bestseller through day 3 of JavaOne and would have finished even better that #5 overall if it wouldn't have been sold out by Thursday noon ;-)