Saturday, November 27, 2004

Good book for learning JSPs and servlets

As I have been studying up on servlets and JSPs, I have found one book to be particularly useful: "Head First Servlets & JSP" from O'Reilly and Associates. The whole Head First series has a sort of whimsical dimension to it. The design is slightly to entertain as well as instruct. I found this approach a little tedious in the original volume in the series "Head First Java." This book is better done and the content is provided by the two engineers who wrote Sun's certification exam on servets and JSPs. It's probably the best book around for taking you from a dead halt (knowing little or nothing about the topic) to fully proficient. Like the other Head First books, it's purely a tutorial and not meant as a reference. So, if you already know a fair bit about the topic and just need help in specific aspects of a topic, the book is probalby not for you. Otherwise, it might well be the fast, most enjoyable, and most memorable way to become great with servlets.

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